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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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To View Notifications from the Worklist

1. Use a web browser to navigate to the Worklist, using a responsibility and navigation path specified by your system administrator. See: Oracle Workflow User Navigation Paths.
2. To specify which notifications to display in the Worklist, select the type of notifications you want from the View pull-down menu and select Go. You can choose to view:
3. The basic Worklist shows the following information for each notification:
Select the From, To, Subject, or Sent column heading to sort the list by that column. By default, the list is sorted by sent date in descending order and then by subject in ascending order.
4. You can navigate to the full details of any notification and act on the notification by clicking on the notification's Subject link.
5. To define notification routing rules, select the routing rules link that follows the list of notifications. See: To View and Maintain Automatic Notification Processing Rules.

See Also

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