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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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To View the Details of a Notification

1. Navigate to the Notification Details page.
2. In addition to general information, the notification header may also provide a history of comments forwarded from other workflow users who received notifications earlier in the workflow process. The History section displays any requests for more information and responses to those requests. The most recent History comment is marked with an asterisk icon.
Also, the notification header may include additional header attributes that display key information about the notification. See: Header Attributes, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
In Oracle Applications, non-structured data such as images, spreadsheets, or video can be linked to structured application data, including Oracle Workflow notifications. If a notification includes such Oracle Applications attachments, the notification header displays an Attachment(s) heading with a View link. Select this link to display a detail page that shows all Oracle Applications attachments associated with the notification and lets you view the attached data. See: About Attachments, Oracle Applications User's Guide and Attachments Table in the Oracle Self-Service Web Applications online help.
A notification may also include a message body, a References section, and a Response section.
3. The message body displays the information of which you are being notified. The message body may include embedded links to additional information sources pertinent to the notification. A reference URL link connects to a specified URL, either in the same web browser window or in a new window, depending on the notification.
4. The References section may include attachment icons. These icons link to additional information sources for the notification. There are three types of attachment links:
Attention: Attached form icons appear in a notification message only if the Worklist web page was initially launched by Oracle Applications from a menu.
The Notification System first verifies with Oracle Applications whether the recipient has a responsibility with the appropriate security to open the linked form. If the recipient is not allowed to open the form, the attached form icon is not displayed. Also, you cannot update information in a form that is attached for reference only.
5. If you want to view your next notification in the Notification Details page after responding to this notification, select the Display Next Notification After My Response check box. Otherwise, Oracle Workflow displays the Worklist after you respond to a notification.
6. Use the Response section to act on the notification.
After you submit your response, the status of the notification changes to Closed.
See: To Reassign a Notification to Another User and Setting the FND: Notification Reassign Mode Profile Option, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
Attention: Your workflow may include special logic to restrict reassignment of notifications. If so, the Reassign button, Delegate button, or Transfer button may not be displayed in the Response section, and you should not reassign the notification. See: #HIDE_REASSIGN Attribute, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
Additionally, you cannot reassign a voting notification that tallies the recipients' responses. See: Voting Activity, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
Attention: Your workflow may include special logic to restrict requesting more information on notifications. If so, the Request Information button is not displayed in the Response section. See: #HIDE_MOREINFO Attribute, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
7. If this notification requires a password-based electronic signature, a confirmation page appears after you submit your response. This page displays notification header information and the response values that you entered to let you review the response you are signing. To affix your electronic signature to your response, enter your Oracle Applications user name and password and select the Submit button. This electronic signature is analogous to your written signature. See: #WF_SIG_POLICY Attribute, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
You can also select the Cancel button to return to the Notification Details page without completing your response. In this case the notification remains open in your Worklist until you submit a signed response.
8. If you selected more than one notification to open from the Advanced Worklist, you can navigate among the open notifications by selecting the Next or Back buttons.
9. You can also select the Return to Worklist link to navigate back to the Worklist.

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