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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Migration and Coexistence Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1.1)

Part Number B14486-02
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Part I Introduction

1 Introducing Oracle Collaboration Suite Migration Tools and Options

Part II E-mail Migration

2 Migration Planning and Installation

3 Using Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Mail Migration Tool

Part III Calendar Migration

4 Calendar Migration Planning

5 Migrating Calendar Data from Microsoft Exchange

6 Migrating Calendar Data from MeetingMaker

7 Migrating Calendar Data from Netscape

8 Migrating Calendar Data Using the iCalendar Representation

Part IV Migration to Oracle Content Services

9 Migrating Content to Oracle Content Services

Part V Coexistence

10 Coexistence with Other E-mail Systems

11 Coexistence with Other Calendar Systems

12 Coexistence with Oracle Oracle Messenger

Part VI Appendixes

A Plug-In Generated File Formats

B Migrating from A Standalone Internal Calendar Server To Oracle Collaboration Suite

C Migrating from Internal Calendar Server to External

D Troubleshooting E-mail Migration

E Troubleshooting Calendar Migration