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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Release Notes
10g Release 1 (10.1.1) for Solaris

Part Number B14488-07
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6 Oracle Discussions Release Notes

This chapter summarizes release note issues associated with Oracle Discussions. This chapter contains the following sections:


This document was updated on October 7, 2005.

6.1 What is Oracle Discussions?

Oracle Discussions is a new component in this release of Oracle Collaboration Suite. Oracle Discussions provides users with the ability to create online forums, also referred to as bulletin boards, and to access these forums using a Web browser, e-mail or RSS feeds. Depending on access levels, participants can post messages to the forums or simply browse through them.

Oracle Discussions consists of categories, forums and topics. Categories are created within a root category. Forums are created within a category. Topics are groups of messages within a specific forum.

6.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds in Oracle Discussions

This section describes known limitations and workarounds in Oracle Discussions.

6.3 Known Issues in Oracle Discussions

The following table lists known issues in Oracle Discussions.

Table 6-1 Known Issues in Oracle Discussions

Description Action Bug Number

Editing a message and clipping a topic requires some manual configuration before it will work.

Using SQLPlus, log into the Mail store database and execute the following two commands under the ES_MAIL schema:

  • SQL> alter table es_header enable row movement

  • SQL> alter table es_ext_header enable row movement


Discussion forums marked for public access cannot be accessed in an e-mail desktop client through IMAP.

Use the Oracle Discussions Web client to access these forums.


The name and the display name of Announcement forums are set using the default system locale and are not customizable by the Discussions Administrators.


4436753, 4333852, 4436753

When items of an RSS feed are related to Oracle Discussions messages, the item description will contain the message content only if the message is formatted in plain/text. RSS items for HTML-based messages include the title and link but no description.



In Mozilla Firefox, while composing or editing a message using the rich text editor, the mouse cursor is initially not visible after the page has loaded.

Start entering the message text and the cursor will appear.


After a message is edited, users are not able to search the message by its new content. Searches will still match the old message body even if the search result displays the new message body.



When performing s search by keyword, the search result page shows the part of the message that matches the queried content. In some cases, for example, when the matched part is at the beginning of the message, the message content type is also displayed.



Multi-byte content in message attachments appears garbled in the Search Results page.

The garbled text is not displayed when a user clicks the message to open it.


6.4 Globalization Issues in Oracle Discussions

The following table lists Oracle Discussions globalization issues.

Table 6-2 Globalization Issues in Oracle Discussions

Description Action Bug Number

Messages encoded with the EUC-KR, HZ-GB-2312, SHIFT-JIS character sets are not handled correctly and may be displayed as squared characters when posted to Discussion forums via e-mail.


4428260, 4428397, 4424485

With Firefox, attachment names containing special characters sometimes cannot be uploaded.

Use another supported browser, such as Internet Explorer.


6.5 Documentation Issues in Oracle Discussions

The Oracle Discussions conceptual online help in the Application Server Control for Collaboration Suite is missing (4480257). See the Oracle Discussions Web client online help for conceptual information about Oracle Discussions.