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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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Starting Up and Shutting Down the ASM Instance

To start up or to shut down the ASM instance, all database instances that are serviced by the ASM instance must first be shut down, and you must have operating system user credentials and ASM SYS user credentials.


The ASM instance must be started before you start any of the database instances that are serviced by it.

To start or stop the ASM instance:

  1. Access the Automatic Storage Management Home page.

    See "Accessing the Automatic Storage Management Home Page" for instructions.

  2. Under the General heading, click Startup/Shutdown

  3. Enter the required operating system and ASM user names and passwords, and click OK.

  4. If you are prompted for the operation to perform, select the desired operation.

  5. Click Yes on the Startup/Shutdown Confirmation page.