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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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Displaying Backup Reports

Backup reports contain summary and detailed information about past backup jobs run by RMAN, including both backups run through Enterprise Manager and the RMAN command-line client.

To view backup reports, from the Maintenance property page, in the Backup and Recovery section, click Backup Reports.

Figure 9-4 Backup Reports Page

Description of Figure 9-4 follows
Description of "Figure 9-4 Backup Reports Page"

The page contains a list of recent backup jobs. You can use the Filter By section of the page to restrict the backups listed by the time of the backup, the type of data backed up, and the status of the jobs to be listed (whether it succeeded or failed, and whether warnings were generated during the job). Specify any filter conditions and click Go to restrict the list to backups of interest.

The list contains basic information for each backup:

To view detailed information about any backup, click the value in the Backup Name column. The View Backup Report page is displayed for the selected backup. This page contains summary information about this backup (how many files of each type were backed up, how much data total, and the number, size and type of output files created), as well as details about inputs and outputs for the backup job, such as:

For recent jobs, you can also view a log of RMAN output for the job, by clicking the value in the Status column.


The control file view V$RMAN_OUTPUT contains the output of recent RMAN jobs. The contents of this view are not preserved if the instance is restarted. Therefore, the output from past RMAN jobs may not be available.

The View Backup Report page also contains a Filter By section that you can use to quickly run a search for another backup or backups from a specific date range. The resulting report contains aggregate information for backups matching the search criteria.