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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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SQL Statements and Other Management Tools: SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus

The underlying operations in Enterprise Manager are performed using Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. SQL is an English-like computer programming language for accessing and manipulating data contained in a database. It is an industry-standard language for accessing databases.

The following is an example of a SQL query:


SQL is a powerful language and can be used to perform a variety of database administrative tasks. While performing these tasks, you can click Show SQL to see the underlying SQL statements being issued.

For more information on SQL and on using SQL for database administration, see Oracle Database SQL Reference.

In addition to Enterprise Manager, you can use other Oracle tools to issue SQL statements such as SQL*Plus and its Web version iSQL*Plus. These tools enable you to perform the same database management operations, as well as to query, insert, update or delete data directly in the database.

Starting SQL*Plus

SQL*Plus is a command line program you use to issue SQL statements to an Oracle database. You can issue these statements or in batch. SQL*Plus is installed with the database and is located in your $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.

To start SQL*Plus, enter the following at the command line on all platforms:

sqlplus username/password

You can use the SYS administrative user and password you set up during installation. SQL*Plus starts and connects you to the default database. At the SQL prompt, you can enter statements that perform administrative tasks such as database startup and shutdown. You can also query, insert, update, and delete data.

On Windows, you can use the SQL*Plus Windows GUI to administer the database. From the main menu, select Start, Programs, Oracle-OraDB10g_home1, Application Development, SQL*Plus.

For more information about SQL*Plus, see SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference.

For more information about SQL statements, see Oracle Database SQL Reference.

Starting iSQL*Plus

iSQL*Plus is the Web version of SQL*Plus. Before you can connect to it with a URL, you must start the iSQL*Plus application server. To do so, enter the following at the command line:

isqlplusctl start

After the server is started, you can connect to iSQL*Plus with a URL such as


Alternatively, you can connect to iSQL*Plus using Enterprise Manger. To do so from the Enterprise Manager home page, click iSQL*Plus under Related Links.

For more information about iSQL*Plus, see SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference.