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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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Administering Profiles

A user profile establishes the password management policy for a user and sets limits the user's access to certain database resources. When you create the user in "Creating Users", you assign the Oracle-supplied default profile. This default profile is liberal in its resource specifications and does not provide tight restrictions on password usage.

To display the attributes of the default profile:

  1. In the Users & Privileges section of the Administration home page, click Profiles.

    The Profiles page appears. On this page you can create, edit, view, or delete profiles. The structure and functionality of the Profiles page is similar to that of the Users page shown in Figure 7-2.

  2. Select the DEFAULT profile and click View.

    The View page appears. In this page you can view all of the attributes associated with the DEFAULT profile.

Database resource usage and limits are managed by the Database Resource Manager. You can read about the Database Resource manager in online Help and view its pages when you click the links in the Resource Manager section of the Database Administration page.

See Also:

Oracle Database Administrator's Guide as well as the Database Resource Manager online Help for a description of the Database Resource Manager and its use