Property Description
Parameter type Integer
Default value 1
Modifiable No
Range of values 0 to 255
Basic No

COMMIT_POINT_STRENGTH is relevant only in distributed database systems. It specifies a value that determines the commit point site in a distributed transaction. The node in the transaction with the highest value for COMMIT_POINT_STRENGTH will be the commit point site.

The commit point site of a database should reflect the amount of critical shared data in the database. For example, a database on a mainframe computer typically shares more data among users than one on a personal computer. Therefore, COMMIT_POINT_STRENGTH should be set to a higher value for the mainframe computer.

The commit point site stores information about the status of transactions. Other computers in a distributed transaction require this information during Oracle's two-phase commit, so it is desirable to have machines that are always available as commit point sites. Therefore, set COMMIT_POINT_STRENGTH to a higher value on your more available machines.

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