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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Oracle Collaboration Suite Metric Reference Manual
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B25985-01
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How to Use This Manual

Part I Oracle Collaboration Suite Metrics

1 Calendar Application Redundancy Group

2 Calendar Applications

3 Calendar Server

4 Calendar Server Redundancy Group

5 Calendar Service

6 Calendar User Access Service

7 Collaboration Suite Search Admin Aggregate Service

8 Collaboration Suite Search Application Service

9 Collaboration Suite Search Service

10 Collaboration Suite Search

11 Content Services FTP Service

12 Content Services Service

13 Content Services User Access Service

14 Discussions

15 Discussions Redundancy Group

16 Discussions Service

17 Discussions User Access Service

18 E-Mail POP Server

19 E-Mail POP Service

20 Identity Management Service

21 Identity Management User Access Service

22 Internet Directory Redundancy Group

23 Internet Directory Service

24 Mobile Collaboration Access Service

25 Mobile Collaboration Device Management Service

26 Mobile Collaboration Push Mail Service

27 Mobile Collaboration Redundancy Group

28 Mobile Collaboration Service

29 OID Client

30 Oracle Collaboration Suite Search Client Redundancy Group

31 Oracle Collaboration Suite Service

32 Oracle Content Services

33 Real-Time Collaboration

34 Real-Time Collaboration Redundancy Group

35 Real-Time Collaboration Service

36 Real-Time Collaboration User Access Service

37 Single Sign-On Redundancy Group

38 Web Access Client Service

39 Web Access Client Web Access Redundancy Group

40 Workspaces

41 Workspaces Redundancy Group

42 Workspaces Service

43 Workspaces User Access Service

Part II E-Mail Metrics

44 Collaboration Suite Database

45 E-Mail Housekeeper

46 E-Mail IMAP Server

47 E-Mail IMAP Service

48 E-Mail List Server

49 E-Mail Middle Tier

50 E-Mail NNTP Inbound Server

51 E-Mail NNTP Inbound Service

52 E-Mail NNTP Outbound Server

53 E-Mail SMTP Inbound Server

54 E-Mail SMTP Inbound Service

55 E-Mail SMTP Outbound Server

56 E-Mail SMTP Outbound Service

57 E-Mail Virus Scrubber

58 Mail Housekeeper

59 Mail Housekeeper Redundancy Group

60 Mail IMAP Redundancy Group

61 Mail IMAP Service

62 Mail Infrastructure Service

63 Mail List Server Redundancy Group

64 Mail List Service

65 Mail NNTP Redundancy Group

66 Mail NNTP Service

67 Mail POP Redundancy Group

68 Mail POP Service

69 Mail Service

70 Mail SMTP Redundancy Group

71 Mail SMTP Service

72 Mail User Access Service

73 Mail Virus Scrubber Redundancy Group

74 Mail Virus Scrubber Service

75 Oracle Web Access

Part III Oracle Voice Mail and FAX

76 Call Transfer Service

77 Fax Receiving Service

78 Interactive Voice Response Service

79 Message Delivery Monitor Service

80 Message Recovery Service

81 MWI Service

82 PBX-Application Cluster

83 OVF AQMWI Application

84 OVF FaxIn Application

85 OVF MWI Service

86 OVF Recording Application

87 OVF Recovery Application

88 OVF Retrieval Application

89 OVF Routing Application

90 OVF Telephony Midtier

91 OVF Mailstore

92 OVF Transfer Application

93 Recording Service

94 Retrieval Service

95 Routing Service

96 SMDI Monitor Service

97 Telephony Monitor Service

98 Voicemail and Fax

99 Voicemail and Fax Application

100 Voicemail and Fax Fax Service

101 Voicemail and Fax Service

102 Voicemail and Fax Recording Service

103 Voicemail and Fax Retrieval Service