Oracle® Collaboration Suite Workspaces API Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1.2)


Package oracle.workspaces.resource

Interface Summary
CwResourceItemPropertyName Resource item property names
CwResourcePropertyName Resource property names


Class Summary
CwResource Interface that represents a workspace resource.
CwResourceItem Interface that represents the object item within a CwResource.
CwResourceItemProperties Interface that represents properties of CwResourceItem
CwResourceProperties Encapsulating the properties of a resource.


Exception Summary
CwResourceCorruptedException This exception is thrown when a resource appears to be corrupted from the perspective of the current user.
CwResourceException The root exception class for all exceptions that originate in CW resource code except for these common system exceptions: CwObjectNotFoundException CwObjectAlreadyExistException CwAttrValException The above exceptions are not subclasses of this class and yet may be thrown from resource code.
CwResourceInternalException A specific instance of CwResourceException which requires the caller to specify a native error message as well as optionally a native exception and native error code.
CwResourceTypeUnavailableException This class represents a fundamental error in the resource and implies that the resource type as a whole is not currently functioning properly.


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