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Oracle® Application Server Single Sign-On Administrator's Guide
10g (

Part Number B15988-01
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What's New in OracleAS Single Sign-On?

This section describes new features of the OracleAS Single Sign-On 10g ( and provides pointers to additional information. Information from previous releases is also retained to help those users migrating to the current release.

The following sections describe the new features in OracleAS Single Sign-On that are presented in this book:

Federated Authentication

Configuring Custom (Deployment-Specific) Pages

Changes to the Syntax for Invoking OracleAS Single Sign-On

Changing the Single Sign-On Administration Group

Globalization Support

Elimination of the Database Access Descriptor (DAD)

Protecting URLs in the Absence of a Load Balancer

Information on Authentication Levels

Login Page Error Codes

Authentication URL

Configuring Single Sign-On Server for Multiple Realms

Configuring SSL for Partner Applications

Debug Log Files

URLs to Protected Resources Fail to Return the Resource

Secure Transmission of mod_osso Cookies

Obsolete Error Messages