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Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide
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Part Number B15991-01
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C The Access Control Directive Format

This appendix describes the format (syntax) of any access control item (ACI). It contains these topics:

C.1 Schema for orclACI

The access control directive defined by the user attribute orclACI has the following schema:

OrclACI: { object_identifier NAME 'orclACI' DESC 'Stores an inheritable ACI' EQUALITY accessDirectiveMatch SYNTAX 'accessDirectiveDescription'  USAGE  'directoryOperation'}

accessDirectiveDescription has the following BNF:
                  ::= access to <object> [by <subject> ( <accessList> )]+

<object> ::= [attr <EQ-OR-NEQ> ( * | (<attrList>) ) | entry] [filter=(<ldapFilter>)] [DenyGroupOverride] [AppendToAll]

<subject> ::= <entity> [<BindMode>] [Added_object_constraint=(<ldapFilter>)]
<entity> ::= * | self | dn="<regex>" | dnAttr=(<dn_attribute>) | group="<dn>" | guidattr=(<guid_attribute>) | groupattr=(<group_attribute>) | [SuperUser]

LDAP_authentication_choice::= proxy | simple | MD5Digest | PKCS12
LDAP_security_choice::= SSLNoAuth | SSLOneWay | SASL

<accessList> ::= <access> | <access>, <accessList>

<access> ::= none | compare | search | browse | proxy | read | selfwrite | write | add | delete | nocompare | nosearch | nobrowse | noproxy |noread | noselfwrite | nowrite | noadd | nodelete 

<attrList> ::=  <attribute name> | <attribute name>,<attrList>

<EQ-OR-NEQ> ::=  = | !=

<regex> ::= <dn> | *,<dn_of_any_subtree_root>


The regular expression defined earlier is not meant to match any arbitrary expression. The syntax only allows expressions where the wild card is followed by a comma and a valid DN. The latter DN denoted by <dn_of_any_subtree_root> is intended to specify the root of some subtree.

C.2 Schema for orclEntryLevelACI

The entry level access control directive defined by the user attribute orclEntryLevelACI has the following schema:

"orclEntryLevelACI": { object_identifier NAME 'orclEntryLevelACI' DESC 'Stores entry level ACL Directive'  EQUALITY accessDirectiveMatch SYNTAX 'orclEntryLevelACIDescription' USAGE 'directoryOperation' }

<orclEntryLevelACIDescription>  ::= access to <object> [by <subject> ( <accessList> )]+