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Oracle® Internet Directory Administrator's Guide
10g (

Part Number B15991-01
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What's New in Oracle Internet Directory?

Part I Getting Started

1 Links to Common Tasks

2 Introduction to LDAP and Oracle Internet Directory

3 Directory Concepts and Architecture

4 Post-Installation Tasks and Information

5 Directory Administration and Monitoring Tools

6 Process Control of Oracle Internet Directory Components

Part II Basic Directory Administration

7 Oracle Directory Server Administration

8 Directory Entries Administration

9 Using Bulk Tools

10 Attribute Uniqueness in the Directory

11 Directory Schema Administration

12 Referential Integrity

13 Dynamic and Static Groups in Oracle Internet Directory

14 Logging, Auditing, and Monitoring the Directory

15 Backup and Restoration of a Directory

Part III Directory Security

16 Directory Security Concepts

17 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the Directory

18 Directory Access Control

19 Password Policies in Oracle Internet Directory

20 Directory Storage of Password Verifiers

21 Delegation of Privileges for an Oracle Technology Deployment

Part IV Directory Deployment

22 Directory Deployment Considerations

23 Deployment of Oracle Identity Management Realms

24 Capacity Planning for the Directory

25 Tuning Considerations for the Directory

26 Garbage Collection in Oracle Internet Directory

27 Migration of Data from Other Data Repositories

28 Server Chaining

Part V Directory Replication

29 Oracle Internet Directory Replication Concepts

30 Oracle Internet Directory Replication Installation and Configuration

31 Oracle Internet Directory Replication Monitoring and Management

Part VI Directory Plug-ins

32 Oracle Internet Directory Server Plug-in Framework

33 Oracle Internet Directory Plug-In for Password Policies

34 Setting Up the Customized External Authentication Plug-in

Part VII Appendixes

A Windows and Fields in Oracle Directory Manager

B The LDAP Filter Definition

C The Access Control Directive Format

D Globalization Support in the Directory

E Setting up Access Controls for Creation and Search Bases for Users and Groups

F The Multimaster Replication Process

G Searching the Directory for User Certificates

H LDAP Replica States

I Addition of a Directory Node by Using the Database Copy Procedure

J UNIX Authentication and User Provisioning with Oracle Internet Directory

K RFCs Supported by Oracle Internet Directory

L Troubleshooting Oracle Internet Directory