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Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide
10g (

Part Number B15991-01
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15 Backup and Restoration of a Directory

This chapter tells how to backup and restore both small and large directories. It contains these topics:

15.1 Backing Up and Restoring a Small Directory or Specific Naming Context

To backup and restore a small directory or specific naming context in directory, do the following:

  1. Backup the node by using the ldifwrite utility. Enter this command:

    ldifwrite connect="connect_string"  basedn="naming_context" file="backup.ldif"
  2. Start the directory server on the new node by entering this command:

    oidctl connect= connect_string  server=oidldapd instance=1 \
           flags= '-p port_number' start
  3. Load data into the new node by using the ldapaddmt utility. Enter this command:

    bulkload connect="connect_string" check="TRUE" generate="TRUE" \
      load="TRUE" restore="TRUE" append=TRUE" file="/complete_path/backup.ldif"


    If you back up data from an earlier version of Oracle Internet Directory, such as 10g Release 2 (, then restore it on a node running 10g (, you must update the password policy entries as described in "Password Policy and Fan-out Replication".

15.2 Backing Up and Restoring a Large Directory

For instructions on backing up and restoring a large directory, see Oracle Application Server Administrator's Guide.