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Oracle® Access Manager Identity and Common Administration Guide
10g (

Part Number B25343-01
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What's New in Oracle Access Manager?

Part I Introducing Oracle Access Manager Administration

1 Preparing for Administration

2 Specifying Identity System Administrators

Part II Configuring the Identity System

3 Making Schema Data Available to the Identity System

4 Configuring User, Group, and Organization Manager

5 Chaining Identity Functions Into Workflows

6 Sending Non-LDAP Data to External Applications

7 Configuring Global Settings

Part III Performing Common Administrative Tasks

8 Changing Transport Security Modes

9 Reporting

10 Logging

11 Auditing

12 SNMP Monitoring

Part IV Appendices

A Deploying with Active Directory

B Configuring for ADSI

C Configuring for Active Directory with LDAP

D Implementing .NET Features

E Oracle Access Manager Parameter Files

F Troubleshooting Oracle Access Manager