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Oracle® Access Manager Access Administration Guide
10g (

Part Number B25990-01
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What's New in Oracle Access Manager?

This section describes new features of Oracle Access Manager 10g ( and provides pointers to additional information within this book. Information from previous releases is also retained to help those users migrating to the current release.

The following sections describe the new features in Oracle Access Manager that are presented in this book:


For a comprehensive list of new features and functions in Oracle Access Manager 10g (, and a description of where each is documented, see the chapter on What's New in Oracle Access Manager in the Oracle Access Manager Introduction.

Product and Component Name Changes

The original product name, Oblix NetPoint, has changed to Oracle Access Manager. Most component names remain the same. However, there are several important changes that you should know about, as shown in the following table:

Item Was Is
Product Name Oblix NetPoint

Oracle COREid

Oracle Access Manager
Product Name Oblix SHAREid

NetPoint SAML Services

Oracle Identity Federation
Product Name OctetString Virtual Directory Engine (VDE) Oracle Virtual Directory
Product Release Oracle COREid 7.0.4 Also available as part of Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2).
Directory Name COREid Data Anywhere Data Anywhere
Component Name COREid Server Identity Server
Component Name Access Manager Policy Manager
Console Name COREid System Console Identity System Console
Identity System Transport Security Protocol NetPoint Identity Protocol Oracle Identity Protocol
Access System Transport Protocol NetPoint Access Protocol Oracle Access Protocol
Administrator NetPoint Administrator

COREid Administrator

Master Administrator
Directory Tree Oblix tree Configuration tree
Data Oblix data Configuration data
Software Developer Kit Access Server SDK


Access Manager SDK
API Access Server API

Access API

Access Manager API
API Access Management API

Access Manager API

Policy Manager API
Default Policy Domains NetPoint Identity Domain

COREid Identity Domain

Identity Domain
Default Policy Domains NetPoint Access Manager

COREid Access Manager

Access Domain
Default Authentication Schemes NetPoint None Authentication

COREid None Authentication

Anonymous Authentication
Default Authentication Schemes NetPoint Basic Over LDAP

COREid Basic Over LDAP

Oracle Access and Identity Basic Over LDAP
Default Authentication Schemes NetPoint Basic Over LDAP for AD Forest

COREid Basic Over LDAP for AD Forest

Oracle Access and Identity for AD Forest
Access System Service AM Service State Policy Manager API Support Mode

All legacy references in the product or documentation should be understood to connote the new names.

WebGate Updates

URL Prefixes and Patterns

Triggering Authentication Actions After the ObSSOCookie Is Set

Form-based Authentication

Disabling Authentication Schemes

Persistent Cookies in Authentication Schemes

Configuring Logout

Associating WebGates with Specific Virtual Hosts, Directories, and Files