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Example of Subconfiguration in Advisor Applications

In the following example, there are three complete pagesets, including data and UI:

  • Computer

    The computer pageset has selections for processor speed and hard-drive size.

  • PCI-1

    The PCI-1 pageset allows the user to configure Ethernet cards.

  • PCI-2

    The PCI-2 pageset allows the user to configure SCSI cards.

To link these pagesets together in a subconfigured mode, use the following procedure.

To create a subconfiguration

  1. Create pagesets complete with data and UI.
  2. Determine which pageset is the PARENT, for example Computer.
  3. Determine which pagesets are the CHILDREN, for example PCI-1 and PCI-2.
  4. Create a Feature table in the PARENT pageset, for example PCI_CARD.
  5. Inside the Feature table, create a column called CHILD.

    CHILD is a reserved name.

  6. In the CHILD column, enter the name of the CHILD pagesets, for example PCI-1 and PCI-2. The following table shows the complete data to enter into the Feature table.






    Ethernet Card




    SCSI Card



  7. In the Inputs page for the Computer pageset, create a BuildWidget UI control that calls its values from the PCI_CARD Feature table. For information on BuildWidget, see Siebel Interactive Designer API Reference.

    When the user selects Ethernet card, the PCI-1 pageset is instantiated as the CHILD. If the user changes their mind and selects SCSI card, the PCI-2 pageset is instantiated and replaces the PCI-1 pageset Feature table values with PCI-2 values.

  8. To link the pagesets, you can either:
    • Use the Subconfiguration and Optional Subconfiguration links in the BuildTarget API. For more information about using these links, see the Pageset Functions chapter in Siebel Interactive Designer API Reference.
    • Use references to Feature tables.
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