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About Modeling for Customizable Products in Advisor

In order to model your application so that it can create a customizable product structure and pass it to the server-based shopping cart or quote, Configurator, or Pricer, you need to:

  • Structure the data model to match the product structure in Product Administration.
  • Invoke the appropriate API from the application at runtime.

After you complete these steps, your application can create the customizable product structure and pass it to the server when the following occurs:

  • A user adds the customizable product to the Quote or Shopping Cart.
  • A user wants to further customize the product using the server-based Configurator.
  • The user receives a personalized price based on selections made in the application.

Before structuring your data model to integrate customizable products with your application, you should understand how data is evaluated in your data model at runtime.

For more information on customizable products, see Product Administration Guide.

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