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About Working with Advisor Applications in Mobile Client Mode

Make end users aware of the following guidelines for working in mobile client mode.

  • Synchronizing does not remove outdated files from the client. After your end users synchronize data, they need to manually delete files that have been removed from projects. You need to communicate to your end users which files have been deleted from a project and should be removed from their client machine.
  • End users should always synchronize their database before and after using mobile client mode.
  • If the end user uses the same installation for connected and mobile mode, make sure the mobile database is synchronized after switching from connected mode to mobile mode.
  • If a project is modified while a user is working, the cached project may remain active. The browser's cache remembers the pages that were loaded before and might not load the modified project. In order to load the modified project, clear the cache or restart the application.

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