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About Siebel Advisor

Advisor is the administration environment used to author and maintain interactive selling applications. Use Advisor to create projects which contain browser-based applications. After you deploy the project, it is referred to as an Advisor application.

Advisor applications use a Web browser to present product specifications, prices, images, schematics, applicability guidelines, and other information that customers require to select products.

Advisor can be used to:

  • Recommend products services, or a course of action based on user needs
  • Select and configure products based on product features and user requirements

Business services associated with Advisor administration generate the JavaScript, HTML, and image files needed for an Advisor application. The applications run inside other Siebel applications as part of a Siebel application or as stand-alone applications.

When a user opens an Advisor application, the application files and the engine that manages them are downloaded from the Web server and individual files containing code, data, and user interface definitions are loaded in the user's browser as needed.

To define an application, you enter information about features and configuration of your products. You also enter basic information about how you want your application to appear.

Business services associated with Advisor use this information to produce JavaScript and HTML files.

After Advisor generates applications, you can further customize their appearance and behavior with tools such as HTML editors.

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