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Entering Data in the Advisor Feature Table

After you have designed a feature table, enter data in the table by switching to the Feature Table Editor view. In the Feature Editor view, you enter the row and cell data for feature table columns.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Advisor Feature Tables

The Row type column provides a picklist for Target tables. For information about creating Trigger and Target feature tables, see Creating Trigger and Target Feature Tables. For all other feature table types, use DATA, which is selected by default. The Sequence column determines the order in which the rows are published.

For more information on creating, designing, and populating feature tables, see Process of Creating Advisor Feature Tables.

To enter data in an Advisor pageset feature table

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Pagesets > Feature Tables.
  2. Select a Feature Table.
  3. Select the Editor tab.
  4. In the Feature Table editor, enter the sequence of the features as they appear in the associated UI control. This is an optional step.

    The sequence numbers are automatically generated. You can override them by entering a different number.

  5. Enter a code value for the feature.

    For example, for Black you might use the value BK and for Blue you might use the value BL. Make code values short so that they are easy to identify in the Configuration table cells, but meaningful so that you do not need to reopen the feature table to remember what the values stand for.

  6. Enter a full description of the feature.
  7. Fill in information for any other columns you have added.
  8. Select the value you want to appear by default in the associated UI control and enter DEFAULT in the DEFAULT column.
  9. If you have a PRICE column, enter additional costs for particular features.

    For example, if a red car costs $500 more than a black car, in the PRICE column for the RED row, you would enter 500. Later, in the PRICE column of the configuration table, you can add this column to the base price column. For more information, see Runtime Access to Pricing Information in Advisor Applications.

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