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Managing Advisor Feature Table Columns

If you have features that are common to several products you can use the Feature Table Column Manager to assign these features to products. In the Feature Table Column Manager, feature table names display as columns. Products or other items you want to add display as rows.

You assign a feature to a product by placing a check mark in the desired feature table column. This automatically adds the product or item as a column to the feature table.

Before using this feature, you must define feature tables.

In the following procedure, products are used as the item added to the feature table. The procedure applies to any of the items you can add to a feature table, such as recommendations and instructions. You are not limited to products.

To manage feature table columns

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Pagesets and select a pageset.
  2. Select the Feature Table Column Manager tab.

    The Feature Table Column Manager appears. The columns display the names of the feature tables you have created.

  3. To add a product to the table, click New and enter the name of the desired product.
  4. To assign a feature to a product, click in the desired column.

    A check mark appears to indicate the feature has been assigned to the product. This adds the product to the feature table.

  5. Repeat these steps until you have assigned the desired features to products.
  6. Click the Feature Tables tab.

    The Feature Tables view displays.

  7. Select the desired feature table, and then click the Designer tab.
  8. Verify that all the products you assigned in the Feature Table Column Manager display correctly.
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