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About Advisor Projects

A project is the top-level container for all the information you work with in Advisor that makes up the application. Use the Advisor project to create the list of pagesets in the project and to determine the structure and content of the contents list.

Advisor provides two views of projects:

  • My Projects

    Displays a list of projects for everyone in your group. For example, if your Business position (which is associated with your login) is set to Sales Manager, select My Projects to see the projects for all sales managers. You can edit only the projects that are created by your team or your team has access to.

  • All Projects

    Provides a view of all projects for all positions. While you are able to view all of the projects, you can edit only the projects that belong to your team.

NOTE:  Positions are set and modified in the Administration - Application screen in Siebel Business Applications. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide.

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