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Distributing Upgrade Kits

After applying an upgrade kit, you need to distribute it to one or more configurations. For general information about configurations, see Upgrade Configurations.

This task is a step in Process of Completing Upgrade Kit Creation and in Process of Limiting Distribution of an Upgrade Kit.

NOTE:  If a replacement kit uses the same values for New Version, Minimum Old Version, and Maximum Old Version as the deactivated kit it replaces, and if the deactivated kit was previously distributed, you do not need to distribute the replacement kit.

Upgrade kits are distributed to one configuration at a time. The distribution process makes the kit's component version information available to all the subscribers who are associated with that configuration—this gives the subscribers their first opportunity to download and install the kit. Neither required nor optional kits are available to subscribers until the version information is distributed.

The version information that is made available during the distribution process includes version information for all the related components of the configuration, not just the component that the new kit is designed to upgrade. Technically, therefore, when you distribute a new upgrade kit to a configuration, you are making that kit's version information available to the configuration, and you are redistributing the version information of other active kits for the configuration's related components. In practice, however, you generally can proceed as if you were distributing only the one kit.

After distribution, if the kit is required, subscribers are automatically prompted to retrieve and install it. If the kit is optional, subscribers use the Component Upgrades view and Upgrade Wizard to locate and install the kit.

CAUTION:  Before you distribute a kit, you must define, activate, and apply it. Before you distribute a kit to any configuration containing production users, it is strongly recommended that you use the Siebel Test Client configuration to test the kit thoroughly. It is particularly important to test any required kit before distributing for general use, because Mobile Web Client users can suffer unnecessary delays while downloading a defective required kit, and they can lose read/write access to Siebel Business Applications until a correctly functioning kit is available.

The following procedure provides the steps to distribute a kit from the Upgrade Configurations view. The same procedure can also be accomplished from the Employees view.

NOTE:  There are additional instructions for distributing database schema upgrade kits. For information, see Performing Database Schema Updates.

To distribute an upgrade kit

  1. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Siebel Anywhere.
  2. From the link bar, click Upgrade Configurations.
  3. In the Upgrade Configurations view, select the appropriate Anywhere subscriber configuration.
  4. Inspect the Upgrade Components list to verify that the components in the upgrade kit are related components for the selected configuration.

    For example, for a Siebel maintenance release, the related components must include the Siebel Client Executables component for the base upgrade kit and the Siebel Client Executables_[language-code] component for each language-specific upgrade kit.

  5. Click Distribute.

    This action makes the version information in the database available to subscribers with that particular configuration.

    A dialog box appears to confirm the intent to distribute the related components to the configuration.

Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 for other configurations, as applicable.

The following sections provide additional information about special cases of distribution:

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