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Defining a Custom Component Upgrade Kit

The instructions for defining a custom component upgrade kit depend on the component type you choose when you create the custom component. For information about which instructions to use for each component type, see Table 22.

Table 22. Instructions for Defining a Custom Component Upgrade Kit
If Custom Component Type Is
Use the Following Instructions

Siebel CFG File

Defining a Siebel Configuration File (CFG) Upgrade Kit

Siebel Database Extension

Defining a Siebel Database Schema Upgrade Kit

Siebel Executables

Defining a Siebel Client Executables Upgrade Kit

Siebel Repository File

Defining a Siebel Repository File Upgrade Kit

Third-Party Software

Defining a Third-Party Software Upgrade Kit

Customer Revision

Defining a Siebel Customer Revisions Upgrade Kit

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