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Defining a Siebel Upgrade Wizard Upgrade Kit

This section provides specific instructions for defining a Siebel Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit using the Upgrade Kit Wizard. Kits of this type are used to upgrade the Siebel Upgrade Wizard as part of software releases from Siebel Systems, Inc.

CAUTION:  When a software release from Siebel Systems, Inc., includes an upgrade to the Siebel Upgrade Wizard, upgrade tasks must be performed in the following order to accomplish the upgrade correctly: First, upgrade the Siebel Server and the Gateway Name Server. If these servers are not upgraded first, version numbering for subsequent upgrade tasks may be incorrect. After upgrading the Siebel Server, complete the upgrade to the Upgrade Wizard for each client before you upgrade any other software components for that client. This allows the latest version of the Upgrade Wizard to be used to accomplish the upgrades of other components.

To define a Siebel Upgrade Wizard Upgrade Kit

  1. Gather the information and files you will need, as described in Upgrade Planning and Preliminary Tasks.
  2. Start the Upgrade Kit Wizard using the instructions in Running the Upgrade Kit Wizard.
  3. Use the information you have gathered and the information in Table 15 to respond to the prompts in the Upgrade Kit Wizard.

    NOTE:  The Minimum Old Version and Maximum Old Version settings are automatically set to NULL for history-independent component types, including Siebel Upgrade Wizard, indicating that there are no prerequisite versions required for using the kit. The value for New Version is also automatically supplied for Siebel Upgrade Wizard upgrade kits.

  4. When you have finished specifying data about the upgrade kit you are defining, click Finish to pass the request to the Upgrade Kit Builder and to exit from the Upgrade Kit Wizard.

    A new row for the new upgrade kit appears in the Upgrade Kits list, with Status set to Request Submitted. For more information about the kit information available in this list and other lists, see Viewing Upgrade Kit Properties.

    After you define your upgrade kit, you must proceed to activate, apply, and distribute it. For information on these tasks, see Activating, Applying, and Distributing Upgrade Kits.

Information in Table 15 is presented in approximately the sequence used by the Upgrade Kit Wizard.

Table 15. Upgrade Kit Wizard Elements for a Siebel Upgrade Wizard Upgrade Kit
Wizard Element
Element Type

Upgrade Component

Drop-down list

Name of the component the upgrade kit will install or upgrade. Choose Siebel Upgrade Wizard for this kit type.

UNC Path for File Folder

Text field

Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the directory that contains the siebupg.exe file and its accompanying DLL files for the upgrade. The path should identify a network-accessible location.

New Version

Text field

Version number that the component being upgraded will have after the upgrade kit is installed. Default value is 1 greater than the current version for the component to be upgraded. For more information about choosing version values, see Determining Version Setting Values.

Activate Upgrade Kit

Check box

When this check box is selected, the files to be included in the upgrade kit will be compressed into a single archive on the Siebel File System automatically. Activation can also be performed manually, as described in Activating, Applying, and Distributing Upgrade Kits.

For most upgrade kits, it is recommended that you select this check box. However, if you are creating an upgrade kit that is dependant on another upgrade kit, be sure to clear this check box. For information about working with dependent kits, see Controlling the Order of Kit Installation.

Upgrade Kit Title

Text field

Identifier for the upgrade kit. Defaults to Upgrade Component Name value followed by a space and the New Version value, but can be modified during the kit definition process. After the kit is defined, appears in the Name field of the Upgrade Kits list.


Text field

Available for comments about the upgrade kit. Comments entered here are displayed in the Upgrade Kits list.

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