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Process of Preparing Regional Node Servers for Database Schema Changes

Before you distribute your Siebel Database Schema upgrade kit to either test Regional Node Servers or production Regional Node Servers, take the following steps:

  1. Have your Regional Node Servers synchronize with the HQ server.
  2. Determine which configuration you will use to distribute the upgrade kit or kits to your Regional Node Servers.

    The default configuration that ships with Siebel Business Applications is Siebel Regional Server. You can create your own configuration for Regional Node Servers to suit the particular needs of your organization. Make sure the Siebel Database Schema component is associated with your custom configuration. For information on these tasks, see Identifying Configurations to Deliver Upgrade Components, and Creating Needed Infrastructure Elements.

  3. Inspect the Upgrade Component server parameter value for each Regional Node Server, and change it if necessary. For instructions, see Checking Regional Node Server Parameters Before a Database Schema Update.
  4. Distribute your upgrade kit (or kits) to a configuration for your Regional Node Servers.

    These may be either test Regional Node Servers, or production Regional Node Servers, depending on where you are in the process. For information about distributing kits, see Distributing Upgrade Kits.

For links to other steps in the process of updating a database schema, see Process of Updating a Siebel Database Schema.

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