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Preparing Contents for a Siebel Upgrade Wizard Upgrade Kit

You must create a Siebel Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit whenever there are changes to the Siebel Upgrade Wizard in a software release from Siebel Systems, Inc. For information about whether a specific release contains such changes, see the release-specific documentation for the release.

Beginning with version 7.7, a Siebel Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit must contain a set of DLL files, along with the Siebel Upgrade Wizard executable file, siebupg.exe. The following procedure describes how to prepare the contents for such a kit.

To prepare the contents for a Siebel Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit

  1. Create a new directory to hold the Upgrade Wizard executable and related DLLs.

    Make a note of the directory name, as you will need to specify it while defining the upgrade kit.

  2. If you have not already done so, install the client software for the new Siebel software release on a test machine or an administrator's machine, and make a note of where you installed it.

    NOTE:  In order for the necessary files to be accessible, the client software must be installed. The necessary files are not directly accessible from the network image.

  3. Locate the client BIN directory for the new Siebel software release.

    The default location is c:\program files\siebel\web client\bin.

  4. Copy the following files from the release client BIN directory into the new directory you created in Step 1:
    • siebupg.exe
    • libarm.dll
    • mfc70u.dll
    • msvcp70.dll
    • msvcr70.dll
    • pw32a.dll
    • srlcver.dll
    • sslcacln.dll
    • sslccore.dll
    • sslcdb.dll
    • sslcevt.dll
    • sslclm.dll
    • sslcnapi.dll
    • sslcns.dll
    • sslcos.dll
    • sslcosa.dll
    • sslcosd.dll
    • sslcrsa.dll
    • sslcsc.dll
    • sslcscr.dll
    • sslcsecm.dll
    • sslcshar.dll
    • sslcsnns.dll
    • sslcsnsc.dll
    • sslcsrd.dll
    • sslcsrvr.dll
    • sslcsym.dll
    • sslcupg.dll
    • sslcver.dll
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