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About Reducing Siebel Client Executables Kit Size

This topic describes a feature called the Delta Install kit type for a Siebel Client Executables upgrade kit. This feature is supported for versions 7.7.2 and later. Information about the Delta Install kit type does not apply for earlier releases.

Beginning with Siebel version 7.7.2, it is possible to reduce the size of some Siebel Client Executables upgrade kits, which also reduces the time it takes users to retrieve and install these kits. This reduction in upgrade kit size is accomplished by creating the Delta Install type of Siebel Client Executables kit. Delta Install kits contain condensed information about specific changes to client executable files, instead of an actual set of the new executable files.

Prior to version 7.7.2, all Siebel Client Executables kits contained sets of new executables files. This kit type is now called a Standard Install kit. When you create a Siebel Client Executables kit, you choose whether to create it as a Delta Install kit or a Standard Install kit.

NOTE:  Delta Install kits are suitable for delivering Siebel Maintenance Releases, including fixpack releases, that contain relatively few changes to client executable files. For example, you could use a Delta Install kit to upgrade client executables from version 7.7.1 to version 7.7.2 or from version 7.7.2 to version Delta Install kits are not suitable for major upgrades, such as upgrades from version 7.7 to version 7.8.

You can create Delta Install kits for the Siebel Client Executables base (language-independent) component and for each language-specific Siebel Client Executables_[language-code] component that is for a language that your users already have installed.

CAUTION:  If you want to add an additional language for your users, do not use a Delta Install kit to add that language. Instead, use a Standard Install kit. That is, create an upgrade kit for the Siebel Client Executables_[language-code] component that has Standard Install as the Type of Installation for the kit. Delta Install kits are not supported for the addition of a new language. If a Delta Install kit is incorrectly used to install a new language, it can damage some client executable files.

Before defining a Delta Install kit, an administrator must use the Siebel Patch Utility (siebpatch.exe) to create a delta patch file. This is a file that contains information about the changes that were made to client executables between two specific Siebel releases.

Users retrieve and install Delta Install kits just as if the kits contained complete sets of client executable files. When a Delta Install kit is installed, the Upgrade Wizard applies the changes that are described in the kit to the user's existing client executable files, rather than replacing the user's files.

Depending on the release you are installing, users may need to upgrade the Upgrade Wizard before installing a Delta Install Kit. In this case, an administrator must define an Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit, and make any Delta Install kits dependent on that Upgrade Wizard kit. For information about whether this requirement applies to you, see the release-specific documentation for the release you want to install.

For information about the process of creating Delta Install upgrade kits, see Process of Creating a Delta Install Siebel Client Executables Upgrade Kit.

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