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Process of Creating a Delta Install Siebel Client Executables Upgrade Kit

Beginning with version 7.7.2, Siebel Anywhere supports the use of the Delta Install type of Siebel Client Executables upgrade kit. For information about this kit type, see About Reducing Siebel Client Executables Kit Size.

To create a Delta Install client executables upgrade kit, perform the following tasks:

  1. Consult the release-specific documentation for the release you want to install, to determine whether you must define an Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit. If so, prepare and define the Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit as described in the following topics:
  2. Identify the machine where you will create the delta patch file. This is typically an administrator's machine. Install the version of the Siebel Client software that your mobile users currently use, if that version of the software is not already present.
  3. On the same machine, but in a different directory, install the client software for the new release.

    NOTE:  The client environment is sufficient for creating the delta patch file; no servers are required at this time.

  4. Create a delta patch file for each of the following components, as described in Creating a Delta Patch File:
    1. Siebel Client Executables base (language-independent) component
    2. Each Siebel Client Executables_[language-code] component that is in use in your Siebel implementation
  5. Define a Siebel Client Executables upgrade kit for each of the components listed in Step 4, choosing Delta Install for the Select Type of Installation setting in the Upgrade Kit Wizard.

    For information about defining a Siebel Client Executables upgrade kit, see Defining a Siebel Client Executables Upgrade Kit.

  6. If you defined an Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit, make the Siebel Client Executables base upgrade kit dependent on the Upgrade Wizard upgrade kit, and make each Siebel Client Executables_[language-code] upgrade kit dependent on the base kit.

    For information about making one kit dependent upon another, see Controlling the Order of Kit Installation.

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