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Identifying Files to Include in Upgrade Kits

Most Siebel Anywhere upgrade kits contain software files to be distributed to subscribers. (The exceptions are kits that contain only instructions to be executed. Such instructions are generated during the kit creation process, rather than being stored in file attachments.) As part of planning an upgrade kit, you should identify any files the kit will include and gather those files into a single directory. Table 7 lists some files that are typically included in various kit types.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you gather files for only one upgrade kit at a time.

Table 7. Typical Files Included in Upgrade Kits
Upgrade Kit Type
Included Files

Siebel Configuration File

One CFG file per kit, such as siebel.cfg or uagent.cfg

Siebel Database Schema

No files

Siebel Client Executables

All the language-independent (base) files for a Siebel patch

Siebel Client Executables_[language-code]

All files for a Siebel patch that are specifically for a given language

Siebel Client Customer Revisions

Batch files, web images

Siebel Client Customer Revisions_[language-code]

Reports, message templates

Siebel Repository File


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