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Scenario for Using Alerts

This scenario provides an example of a process flow performed by an administrator, a sales manager, and a Human Resources director. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

A multinational software development corporation uses the Siebel Sales application to automate their sales workforce. The company is organized geographically by division for the purpose of access control, and alerts are enabled.

An international sales manager has just been given the go-ahead for a new set of software product bundles, which include one new product. He needs to communicate these price changes to his company's sales force as soon as possible. Because pricing varies by geography, each of the four major geographical regions represented by his company's four sales divisions need to receive a customized message about the new product bundles. He tells the Siebel administrator the details of the alert message that needs to be sent.

The Siebel administrator creates the alert message, and associates a price list and the new product with the message. She creates keywords that users will be able to search on to find the message at a later date, if necessary.

When the Siebel administrator sends the alert, a customized message is sent to all international sales representatives, with the appropriate price list for their division associated. The sales representatives see the alert message on their home pages upon login to the Web client or downloads alerts during synchronization. These users can navigate through the home page or Site Map to read the text and any associated literature items or products.

After sending the alert to the sales force, the Siebel administrator continues with other work. The Human Resources director has requested that employees be sent a weekly alert for the next month, reminding them to attend a benefits information session. The Siebel administrator creates this Human Resources alert, using the same process she used to create the sales force alert, but, instead of sending it as a single-message alert, she designates it to recur at weekly intervals.

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