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About Assessment Templates

An assessment template is a model used to generate an assessment. Assessment templates can be created to assess opportunities, contacts, and accounts, as well as other areas of the Siebel applications, such as the Ideal Customer assessment used by the Strategic Selling module.

Assessments ask questions (in the form of attributes) and score the answers in order to determine a single total score or percentage, which measures or ranks a given opportunity, contact, account, or so on.

Assessments are made up of one or more attributes. Each attribute has a name, a weight, a set of allowable values and a description field. For example, a common attribute for an account might be Credit History. The values for this attribute might include Excellent, Good, Average, and Poor. Each of these values carries a numerical score and, optionally, instructions for the end user on how to choose the correct value.

Typically, the administrator creates assessment templates, and end users apply the templates and carry out the assessments.

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