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Performing an Assessment (End User)

The following procedure shows how to assess an opportunity, but the procedure is essentially the same for any screen where assessments can be performed.

An opportunity assessment helps you qualify opportunities and verify resource allocation. Using an assessment template, you can select values and attributes to assign a composite value to the opportunity.

NOTE:  In some companies, your Siebel application automatically generates assessments, but if this process has not been automated, you can create assessments manually.

To assess an opportunity

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen > List view.
  2. In the Opportunities list, drill down on the opportunity which you want to assess.
  3. Click the Assessments view tab, and create a new record.
  4. In the Template Name field specify an assessment template.
  5. Save the assessment record.

    Assessment attributes associated are automatically generated and appear in the Assessment Attributes list.

  6. In the Assessment Attributes list, specify a value and add comments for each attribute.

    A composite assessment score for the opportunity appears as a percentage value in the parent Assessment list. This percentage compares the score you entered in the assessment attribute line items to the maximum possible score for the opportunity. You can use this percentage to qualify the opportunity.

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