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Scenarios for Calendar Administration

These scenarios provide examples of calendar tasks performed by the administrator. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Resource Administration

This topic presents two scenarios requiring resource administration:

  • Before the Siebel application is rolled out to end users, the administrator creates resource records. He creates resource records for all the conference rooms for the various floors and buildings of the company's sites. He also creates resource records for the audio-visual equipment that employees may want to reserve for use at their meetings.
  • After the Siebel application is rolled out, the company grows and more sites and conferences rooms are added. Old audio-visual equipment is discarded and new equipment is purchased. The administrator continues to maintain the list of resources, keeping it up-to-date.

See To administer resources for calendar activities for the procedure associated with these scenarios.

Calendar Access Administration

Here are three scenarios requiring calendar access administration:

  • Employee A is out of the office unexpectedly. Employee B needs to view Employee A's calendar so that she can cancel his appointments. Employee B asks the administrator to give her access to Employee A's calendar. See To give Employee B access to Employee A's calendar.
  • An executive has been granted access to many of his colleagues' calendars. When the executive moves to a new division, he no longer needs to access to these employees' calendars. He asks the administrator to clear the list by removing his name from all employees' Calendar Access List views. (Alternatively, the executive could have contacted all the employees whose calendars are on his Owner drop-down list and asked each of them to remove his name from their calendar access lists.) See To remove all employees from an employee's Calendar Owner drop-down list.
  • When an employee leaves the company, the administrator removes the employee's name from the Owner lists of other employees. See To remove an employee from all employees' Calendar Access List views.
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