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Scenario for Categories

This scenario provides an example of a business process performed by a sales representative using the Categories screen and views. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

A sales representative wants to track information to help manage relationships with current and potential customers. Categories, which can be designated as private or shared with the sales team, provide the sales representative with a way to organize information about an account, opportunity, or contact.

The sales representative can track the most active accounts by creating a category called Hot Accounts, and then select that category for each account that she wants to add to her active list.

The sales representative also can view a list of all the opportunities she has closed over a period of time. If she sets up a Closed category, she can see which opportunities she has closed during the previous year.

Sales professionals also can use categories to track personal information about contacts. For instance, a sales representative can record hobbies, such as golf or tennis, and designate that category for contacts she plans to invite to her company-sponsored sporting events. In addition, she can track family names or add contacts to a category called Holiday List that allows her to create a seasonal mailing list.

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