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Adding a Contact

When a sales representative identifies an individual as a possible source for leads, that individual's information is added to Siebel Sales as a contact. Team members can access this contact information while they are working on potential business opportunities.

A contact team is a group of employees or partners who can view the contact information in the My Contacts view. If you work in a Mobile Web Client environment and are a member of the contact team, the contact information is downloaded to your local database the next time you synchronize.

Use the following procedure to create a contact record.

To add a contact

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen > Contacts List view.
  2. In the Contacts list, create a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    A contact record only appears on the My Contacts view if you are on the contact team for the contact.

  3. Drill down on the record and click the More Info view tab to display additional fields in the More Info form.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Displays the account with which the contact is associated.

    Address Line 1

    Inherits the primary address for the account associated with the contact. You cannot add address information in this field.


    A text field that shows any additional information associated with the contact.

    Contact Method

    A list of values established by your company that is used to define the contact's preferred method of interaction. Default values include Email, Fax, Pager, and Phone.

    Contact Team

    A default value based on your user ID. After you create a contact, you are automatically listed as the primary team member. You can add individuals to the contact team by selecting them from the employee list. Only a manager or administrator can change the primary contact team member, or can delete the primary contact team member.

    Disable Cleansing

    A check box which, when selected, does not allow data cleansing.

    Employee Flag

    If checked, this flag indicates that the contact is an employee of your company.

    First Name

    A required field that displays the contact's first name.

    Global Owner

    Displays the name of the team member who is the global account owner. In cases of multinational or global companies, this designates one main account team member to oversee the account.


    Displays the household to which the contact is affiliated. Households allow you to track and target contact affiliations, and often these contacts share an address. For more information on Households, see Households.

    Job Title

    A text field that displays the contact's professional title.

    Last Name

    A required field that displays the contact's last name.

    Lock Assignment

    A check box which, when selected, locks the contact team assignment from reassignment by Siebel Assignment Manager.

    Manager Last Name

    Displays the manager's last name. This field must be populated before you can perform an organizational analysis.

    Middle Initial

    An optional field that displays the contact's middle initial.

    Never Call

    A check box which, when selected, indicates that the contact should not be telephoned as a method of contact.

    Never Email

    A check box which, when selected, indicates the contact does not want to receive email.

    Never Mail

    A check box which, when selected, indicates that the contact does not want to receive mail from your company.


    A default value displaying the name of the organization to which you belong. Your system administrator sets up organizations in your Siebel application. You can associate multiple organizations with an opportunity, but your organization is listed as the default organization.

    Send Email Updates

    A check box which, when selected, indicates that the contact is willing to receive email updates about products and services.


    Examples are Active, Qualified, Marked for Deletion.


    A read-only check box, which indicates the user has included the contact record in the user's Sync List. Requires Siebel Server Sync.

    Sync List

    A dialog box that displays the User IDs of users who synchronize the contact with a personal information manager (PIM) such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook. Requires Siebel Server Sync.

    Time Zone

    Displays the time zone in which the contact works or lives.

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