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About Literature

Siebel Literature allows you to give your users access to sales and marketing literature, such as product brochures, white papers, data sheets, and other types of literature items. Users view these documents using the application that created them, for example, Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, or Adobe Acrobat.

Literature items may also be grouped into literature kits. Literature kits may include items not normally thought of as literature, such as promotional hats, coffee mugs, or T-Shirts. These kits may then be made available for distribution through fulfillment centers. Literature kits are covered later in this chapter. Fulfillment is covered in Siebel Correspondence, Proposals, and Presentations Guide.

After you create literature records and associate documents with them, your employees can use literature in several ways:

  • Employees can use the Literature or Infocenter screen to search through all the literature that is available to them.
  • You can associate literature with business objects such as products or decision issues. Then users can display the literature when they are looking at the record for the associated business object. For example, the user can navigate to the Product screen, select a product, and click the Product Literature view tab to find all literature items associated with that product.
  • When your employees use the Correspondence screen to create correspondence, they can include literature as enclosures. The user or fulfillment center may print out this literature document, or it may use preprinted copies of literature such as glossy brochures. It may also enclose promotional items that are parts of literature kits.
  • Employees can track literature associated with products, industries, accounts and competitors so that they appear on your Briefing pages.
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