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Creating and Modifying Literature Files

Literature files can be created or saved using many kinds of software. The following file types are among the most common:

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF )
  • Excel (XLS)
  • Word (DOC)
  • PowerPoint (PPT)
  • Bitmap (BMP)
  • JPEG (JPG)

To create a new literature file

  1. Create a literature file in the appropriate software application.
  2. Save the file on your hard drive.

To modify an existing literature file

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Document screen > Literature view.
  2. Click the literature file that you want to modify.

    Information about the file is displayed in the More Info form. You can use this form to change existing comments or characteristics; for example, Distribution Method.

    The actual literature file opens in the type of tool that was used to create it; for example, Word.

  3. Modify the file, and save it locally.
  4. Upload the modified file to the existing Literature record.
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