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Scenario for Administrating Message Broadcasting

This scenario is an example of process flows performed by an administrator working with call center agents to create and send broadcast messages. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

The contact center administrator wants to inform customer-care representatives of the current total number of outbound calls relative to their day's goal. In addition, the administrator wants the customer-care representatives to be aware of the current customer service levels and whether there are customers waiting for service.

After working with the telecommunications and application teams to define the appropriate real-time contact center statistics for his customer-care representatives and contact center, the contact center administrator creates broadcast messages, using statistics that come from a variety of sources and third party solutions. The real-time data feed into the Message Broadcasting tables are accomplished through Siebel EAI, UAN, or both after the appropriate statistics and their sources have been identified. The customer-care representatives then receive their individualized and group statistics on their message bar in real time.

In addition to providing his customer-care representatives with this real-time status information, the contact center administrator also wants to send informative messages to individuals and teams in real time. Throughout the shifts and work day, he sends these messages to individuals and teams using the Message Broadcasts view within the Siebel application. The contact center administrator can send a message to an individual employee, a set of employees with the same responsibility, a division of employees, or to all employees.

The customer-care representatives service customers using multiple communications channels with the Siebel application. The customer-care representative can receives contact center statistics calculated for an individual, group, or in summary on the message bar within their Siebel application. This real-time information updates the customer-care representatives as to whether they and the call center are meeting their service objectives.

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