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Modifying Opportunity Workflows

An administrator can modify the opportunity workflows; the email language can be modified, the notification time can be changed, and lead notification restrictions can be set.

NOTE:  The opportunity workflows are shipped as seed data. To modify a workflow, you should make a copy of the original workflow, and then modify the copy.

To modify the language of an opportunity workflow email

  • In the Send Out Emails step, edit the Message Body input argument.

    The text includes field placeholders for data from the opportunity record. These placeholders appear as "+[Placeholder field]+".

To restrict conditions for delivery of emails

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Business Process screen > Policies view.
  2. Select one of the email notification policies:
    • Email Notification of Assigned Oppty
    • Email Notification of Inactive Oppty
    • Email Notification of Lost Oppty
    • Email Notification of Pending Oppty
    • Email Notification of Won Oppty
  3. In the Conditions applet, select a condition, or create a new condition.
  4. Click on the Operation and Value fields and modify the condition.

    For example, to send email notifications for leads that have a high lead quality, create the following condition:

    Condition Field = Opportunity Lead Quality

    Operation = "="

    Value = "1-excellent"

To stop sending email notifications to a sales representative's manager

  • Edit the workflow so that there is a single connector between Start and End. (Delete all other arrows.)
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