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Scenario for References

This scenario provides an example of the business process performed by a sales representative using references to compete for new business. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

A sales representative is attempting to win a 2,500-seat software sales opportunity for his company. In a series of meetings with the prospect, the sales representative demonstrates his product line and submits a quote. The sales representative receives a call from the prospective customer requesting a chance to speak with existing software customers as a point of reference before agreeing to the terms of the quote.

The sales representative searches the list of references, and performs a query to find accounts that meet specific criteria. The accounts must be designated as referenceable, in the same industry as the prospective customer, and listed as maintenance in the sales stage.

The sales representative finds companies that meet the criteria. She selects a company for the reference, and telephones the primary representative to get permission to use the customer as a reference. The representative agrees and sets up a conference call to discuss the opportunity with the prospect.

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