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Creating a Quote from an Opportunity

Using the Quotes view, you can automatically create and revise quotes for the opportunity. For more information on quotes and orders, see Siebel Order Management Guide.

To create a quote from an opportunity

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen > List view.
  2. Drill down on the opportunity.
  3. Click the Products view tab.
  4. In the Products list click New, and then add a product.

    For more information, see Associating a Product with an Opportunity.

  5. In the Product record, complete the fields.
    1. Enter the number of product units the customer is interested in purchasing
    2. In the Auto Quote field, select the check box to display a check mark.
  6. Click the Quotes view tab, and then in the Quotes list, click Auto Quote.

    A quote record is automatically created, with some fields completed and a status of In Progress.

    If a price list is associated with the account, the Price List field is automatically completed. If no price list is associated, in the Price List field click the select button and choose a price list. For more information on price lists, see Pricing Administration Guide.

  7. In the quote record, drill down on the hyperlink in the Name field.

    You can change the system-generated name for a name that is more meaningful in the quote details form.

  8. In the quote's Line Items list, add line items, and then click the menu button and choose Reprice.

    The Reprice function makes sure that the quote total reflects the prices from the price list, and multiplies those prices by the quantities that you enter in the products view.

  9. In the Quote form, click the menu button and choose Update Opportunity, and then return to the Opportunity form.

    The Update Opportunity function verifies that the opportunity's revenue line items are in sync with the quote line items.

    Use the History icon or the thread bar to navigate back to the Opportunity form.

To update opportunity revenues

  1. In the Opportunity list, drill down on the opportunity, and then click the Revenues view tab.
  2. In the Revenues list choose List from the Revenues drop-down menu.
  3. In the Revenues list, click the menu button and choose Update Opportunity.

    After this process is completed, the revenue amounts that appear in the Products, Revenues, and Quotes views are synchronized and the Opportunity's Revenue field displays a calculated sum of the individual revenue line items associated with the opportunity.

NOTE:  Siebel Quotes is a separately licensed product offering. You cannot access the Quotes view tab if you have not licensed this product.

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