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Scenario for Global Target List Management

This scenario provides one simple example of a process performed by an administrative assistant. There are many ways that target lists can be used in your company's business processes.

An administrative assistant has been asked to send personalized birthday gifts to all of the company's top clients who have birthdays in the upcoming month, March. She uses Global Target List Management to help her create a set of activities, one for each gift she needs to purchase and send.

First, she notices that the company administrator has already prepared a list of the top clients. This top-client list is not a private list and so the list can be used by the administrative assistant.

Next, she queries for company contacts who have birthdays in March and saves these records to a private list, which she calls March-birthdays.

Then, she combines her March-birthdays list and the companies top-client list. The list resulting from this intersection contains the company's top clients who have birthdays in March.

The last step is to create an activity for each client in the final list. Each activity can be marked completed when the client's gift has been sent.

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