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Using Target Account Selling to Manage Opportunities

The Target Account Selling module provides full support for the Target Account Selling (TAS) sales methodology from Siebel MultiChannel Services. Using the Target Account Selling methodology and the Target Account Selling module, sales professionals can assess opportunities, conduct organizational and competitive analysis, and develop and execute effective sales strategies.

The Siebel Target Account Selling software module provides the following features:

  • Full support for the Target Account Selling methodology
  • A TAS Coach to help sales professionals assess their opportunities, including Tips to reinforce key concepts in the TAS methodology
  • A TAS Coach that recommends what competitive strategy to take, and identifies the pros and cons of the recommended strategy
  • Automatic creation of the Organization Map that allows you to view both the formal hierarchy and lines of influence in the customer organization. This helps sales professionals develop relationship strategy
  • Support in identifying and ranking the decision criteria of each contact
  • Team planning to make sure that key Customer Milestones are addressed
  • Automatic creation of the TAS Opportunity Plan. The report can be configured to print selected sections
  • Automatic creation of the TAS Initial Plan
  • The TAS Opportunity Plan template that generates an editable Microsoft Word file (available to customers who have the separately licensed Proposal Generator)
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