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Inactivating a Value in a List of Values

You can inactivate individual values in a list, but you cannot delete values. Inactive values are values that the application does not display to end users in a drop-down list, whereas active values are displayed to end users.

CAUTION:  Inactivating some lists of values can adversely impact standard Siebel functionality.

Do not inactivate list-of-values types or values used internally by the Siebel application. For example, do not inactivate list-of-values types that include "Repository" in the Type field name.

Be careful when inactivating a list of values, because the application may depend on the list of values being present.

Be careful when inactivating individual values as well. For example, if you inactivate the value Commercial in the Account_Type list of values, but you have existing or old account data that stored Account Type = Commercial, you may introduce inconsistencies in your data. If you want to inactivate a display value, you need to clean up the account records in the database first.

To inactivate a value in a list of values

  1. Navigate to Administration - Data screen > List of Values view.
  2. If necessary, perform a query to locate the record you want to make inactive.
  3. Select the list of values record you want to make inactive.
  4. In the Active field, click the check mark. When a square containing an x appears, click the x.

    The x disappears and the Active field no longer contains a check mark.

  5. To see that the value has been inactivated, click Clear Cache.
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