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Maintaining the Manually Assigned Primary Position

Assignment Manager maintains an object's manually assigned primary position when the Keep Manual Primary Position property in Siebel Tools for the object is set to TRUE. Assignment Manager identifies the manually assigned primary position when the PR_REP_MANL_FLG field = Y on the object. By default, the PR_REP_MANL_FLG value is set to N, which indicates the candidate is not a manually added primary.

When the primary is updated in the UI, the PR_REP_MANL_FLG flag is updated to Y. For this position to be recognized as the manually assigned primary by Assignment Manager, the Primary Assignment Manual flag, that is, PR_REP_MAN_FLG should be manually set in order to make that position the manually assigned primary.

To maintain the object's primary position

  1. Start your Siebel application.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen.

    TIP:   If this screen is not visible, check your responsibility.

  3. Navigate to the Opportunity (or other assignment object) screen.
  4. Query for and select the item of interest.
  5. Click the Sales Team select button to launch the Team Members dialog box.
  6. Click the Primary check box of another position in the list; then reselect the Primary check box of the original position and click OK.

    This process changes the system PR_REP_MANL_FLG value to Y and updates PR_REP_SYS_FLG to N.

This procedure can also be used to add positions to the object or delete system-assigned positions from the object.

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