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Stopping Assignment of the Default Organization

If you want to override the assignment of all organizations to an assignment object, you must remove the assignment property Org Primary Column from a selected assignment object. The default value is set to BU_ID. After this value is set to null, Assignment Manager does not assign any organization to the assignment object. The following procedure details this configuration. The account assignment object is used as an example.

To stop assignment of the default organization to Account object

  1. Start Siebel Tools, and select the appropriate project.
  2. In the Object Explorer, expand Workflow Policy Object.
  3. Select Assignment Object.
  4. Select the Account Record.
  5. In the Properties Window, find the property called Org Primary Column.
  6. Delete the value for this property. (The default value is BU_ID.)

After the assignment object is modified, various server administration procedures must be run to make sure your configurations are recognized by Assignment Manager.

  • If you are using Batch Assignment, start a new task.
  • If you are using Dynamic Assignment, stop and restart the Workflow Monitor Agent.
  • If you are using Interactive Assignment, stop and restart the Assignment Manager Server Component.

NOTE:  It is not necessary to recompile the .srf file when configuring an assignment object to stop assignment of the default organization.

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