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Setting the Lock Assignment Default Value for Activity Assignment Objects

Assignment objects contain a lock assignment feature that, when activated by checking the Lock Assignment column on the object's list applet in Siebel Tools, prevents Assignment Manager from assigning or reassigning a position or candidate to that object. You can use this feature to exclude an object (such as Account or Opportunity object) from being reassigned by Assignment Manager. By setting the column defined in the Exclude Column for the assignment object, Assignment Manager excludes (ignores) the object for assignment.

The Lock Assignment parameter for activity objects is, by default, set to TRUE. This setting does not allow Assignment Manager to assign these objects. Therefore, Assignment Manager does not assign activity records. However, the Field Service Activity object is the one exception and is, by default, available for assignment (the Lock Assignment parameter is set to FALSE). Other activity objects must have the Lock Assignment parameter set to FALSE or null for assignment to occur. (The lock assignment feature for activity records in the Siebel application, except for Field Service activity records, defaults to "Y".) This behavior is due to a setting in the Post Default Value property for the Action business component's Assignment Excluded field (Business Component > Field > Assignment Excluded). The value in the property is:

Expr: "If ([Class] = LookupValue(""FS_ACTIVITY_CLASS"", ""Field Engineer Activity"") OR [Class] = LookupValue (""FS_ACTIVITY_CLASS"", ""Repair Activity"") OR [Class] = LookupValue(""FS_ACTIVITY_CLASS"", ""Preventive Maintenance""), ""N"", ""Y"")"

Using Siebel Tools, you can implement assignment of all types of activities by setting the default value of the Assignment Excluded field to FALSE at the business component level.

The following procedure explains how to set the Lock Assignment default value so that Assignment Manager assigns activity objects. A similar procedure can be used for other assignment objects.

To set the lock assignment default value to assign activity objects

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, expand the Business Component object.
  3. In the Business Components list, select Action.
  4. In the Object Explorer, click Field.
  5. In the Fields list, select Assignment Excluded, and change the Post Default Value field to N.
  6. Check-in the changes to the server.

    For more information about checking in changes, see Using Siebel Tools.

  7. Recompile the .srf file.

    For more information about recompiling the .srf file, see Updating Your Assignment Manager Deployment with New Configurations.

  8. Make sure that all Siebel clients that create activity records have the new .srf file by copying the newly compiled .srf file to the:
      • Siebel client's object\<language> directory for the Siebel Developer Web Client, where <language> is the appropriate language code, such as ENU for American English
      • Siebel Server's objects\<language> directory for mobile clients, where <language> is the appropriate language code, such as ENU for American English.

        NOTE:  This step applies only to the mobile client or the Developer Web Client.

Assignment Manager now assigns activity records based on the defined assignment rules.

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